Get Involved

Get Involved

Join ProtectNL in urging the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador to make wind energy projects more transparent and accountable. We’re pushing for a thorough review process that looks closely at the environmental impact, community involvement, and sustainable practices. Your signature helps us protect our environment and promote responsible development. Sign now to safeguard our communities, environment, and future.

Protect NL will do everything we can to support you. Over reliance on projects and boom and bust are leading our province into bankruptcy. If we take action now, we can change history. Gone are the days we are exploited for our resources with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Start the conversation

It is important to open dialogue to start educating people and raising awareness. Talking to one person, 2 people or a room full of 20 are all effective strategies to get the conversation started. You may want to host community meetings, do a community mail out, go door to door with education. Respectable debate.

Knowledge is power

It is important to educate people about the topic discussion. People have to know what is going on before they can be expected to take action.

Eye On The Ball

What is the main goal of what you are trying to accomplish? This must guide all other decisions. There may be distractions to pull your attention away from the issue at hand so you are not as effective or as efficient. Beware: The Dirty D’s of Big Business and Politics.

Question elected members

Look around your communities, there could be other elected representatives that you can reach out to for help such as your Area Development Association. Question elected members at all levels of government. It is important to contact elected members such as local service districts, town councils, MHA’s and MPs. These are the decision-makers and influencers who have the right to speak on behalf of the people.

Amplify Your Message

Perhaps you are satisfied your questions have been answered but if you are not satisfied with the outcomes, you may want to increase your efforts to harness the power of the people by hosting meetings, rallies, letter writing campaigns, petition parties, etc.

Power of One

It does help to be able to find others that are like minded but sometimes you are guided on a path of one. Know that the power of your one actions are also greatly needed. Always remember Rosa Parks. Plus, there are often alliances that can be made behind the scenes. You are never truly alone.

Keep Moving Forward

It is important to keep revisiting your plan and moving forward toward your end goal. Keep making a check list of goals and taking action to achieve them. If you are asking people to help you be clear in your expectations with a written call to action. Organize events around key decision-making dates.

“Some day the sun will shine and have-not will be no more.”

Brian Peckford, 1982

Knowledge is Power

It is important to get informed about the issues you may decide to challenge. In this instance, we are challenging the wind energy projects, but maybe for you, it is the salmon farming, or the current mining practices. When we arm ourselves with accurate information and verifiable evidence, we can challenge falsehoods and misinformation that may be presented.

By standing up for what is true and backing arguments with solid facts, we can advocate for change and create positive impact in our communities and throughout our province.

Helpful Hints

In the past, research was often done in a library where the information has already been vetted by a team of experts. Today, on the internet there is more freedom and anyone with a computer can make posts of declarations.

Here are some helpful hints when researching:

Ask: Who wrote it?

Identifying the author of an online source enhances credibility and helps evaluate the expertise and potential biases influencing the content.

Ask: How old is it?

Determining the publication date or last update provides context for relevance and accuracy, ensuring the information aligns with current understanding and events.

Ask: Who is the site sponsor?

Understanding the site sponsor offers insights into potential vested interests or agendas shaping the content, allowing for a more critical assessment of the information presented.

Diversify Your Search: Use a Variety of Online Resources

Include general search engines such as google, academic databases such as pubmed, specialized websites, or online libraries.